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Patient-focused care for optimal health outcomes.


Tria Health is driven by an understanding that pharmacists make a difference in helping patients manage their chronic conditions. Rising health care costs are a concern for employers and health plans. Chronic conditions have a big impact on these costs because they represent 86% of total health care spend. Medication management is key to effectively managing these conditions, yet 50% of people don’t take medications as prescribed increasing health risks and costs.

Since the beginning, Tria Health has provided personalized pharmacy care to members of self-insured employers and health plans. This innovative, patient-focused approach reduces costs and improves the health of their members and their bottom line.

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Our Leadership

Experienced. Innovative. Results-Oriented

Tria Health's CEO: Jessica Lea, Pharm.D., MBA
Jessica Lea, Pharm.D., MBA

Under Jessica’s leadership, Tria Health has grown to become the most comprehensive provider of chronic condition management focusing on delivering positive health outcomes for clients.

Tria Health's President: Larkin O'Keefe
Larkin O’Keefe

As an original board member of Tria Health and former owner of MedTrakRx, Larkin has been heavily involved in Tria’s growth and innovation to meet ever-changing market needs.

The Chronic Condition Management (CCM) Difference

Chronic Condition Management is the most comprehensive solution in market today. It is different than Disease Management because our solution focuses on the patient, not just the disease. CCM is more comprehensive than traditional Medication Therapy Management because we have the flexibility to develop creative solutions to maximize member engagement. But, it’s the results that count. We deliver and report on improved health outcomes. CCM delivers results, guaranteed.

Patient-Centered Approach

Tria Health focuses on the entire patient. Over 25% of patients have more than one chronic condition. Tria Health’s pharmacists consult with patients on all of their conditions, along with their diet, exercise and other lifestyle habits that are unique to each individual, but can have a big impact a patient’s health. This personalized approach is required to improve the health of patients/members. Healthier members are more productive employees.

Clinical Pharmacist Expertise

Medication is required keep many people healthy, active and productive. However, when medication is not right, it causes more problems than it solves and the result can be costly and dangerous. Having a pharmacist who is a medication expert take the time to talk through all medications – prescription, over-the-counter, supplements, along with diet, exercise and other lifestyle habits is critically important to improving overall health. Tria Health provides the medication experts to get the job done right.

Patient Engagement

The problem with many programs is the lack of member engagement. Since 2009, Tria Health has been working with clients to develop customized engagement plans and communication strategies to meet the goals of plans and their members. Maximizing patient engagement drives results and a higher return on your investment.

Improved Health Outcomes

Plan sponsors want to see results. However, improving the health of members and seeing the impact through measurements such as reduction in hospital visits, reduced emergency room and urgent care visits takes sophisticated analysis and time. Tria Health is experienced in delivering and reporting health outcomes because we know results matter!

Innovative Technology

Tria Health continues to invest in technology. Our proprietary SmartRx™ software drives sophisticated analysis to identify high cost, high-risk patients with the flexibility to collect information required to conduct return on investment reporting so you know you are maximizing your benefit spend. In addition, we have telehealth solutions to improve condition management and will continue to innovate as new solutions become available in market.

Member & Client Satisfaction

It’s important to us. We have a culture of continuous improvement. We continually invest in ways to improve what we deliver to our clients and their members based on feedback from our employees, our clients and their members. We put our customers first, every time.

Proven Results

Tria Health works and we can prove it. We improve the health of your employees, which means they are more present and more productive at work. Healthier employees controls overall health care costs. Tria Health is a benefit you cannot afford to go without.

Healthier Members. Lower Costs.

Smarter. Medication. Management.