Our Leadership

Experienced. Innovative. Results-Oriented.

Tria Health's CEO: Jessica Lea, Pharm.D., MBA
Jessica Lea, Pharm.D., MBA

Under Jessica’s leadership, Tria Health has grown to become the most comprehensive provider of chronic condition management. She has 20 years experience in managed care and pharmacy benefits. As a pharmacist, Jessica is passionate about the role a pharmacist can play to improve health outcomes which goes beyond the role of the traditional pharmacist dispensing medications.

Tria Health's President: Larkin O'Keefe
Larkin O’Keefe

Larkin was an owner of MedTrakRx, a pharmacy benefits management company for over 20 years. One of his PBM clients was struggling with the cost of diabetes management and the idea for Tria Health was born. Through his sales leadership, Larkin has been able to drive double digit growth and provide direction on innovation to meet the ever-changing market needs.

Tria Health's CFO: Scott Holland
Scott Holland

Scott brings over 25 years of benefits management experience having co-founded a TPA and then, most recently, serving as the Chief Operating Officer and minority owner at MedTrakRx. As CFO of Tria Health, Scott provides financial leadership and is a key member of the executive team developing and executing strategic plans to continue Tria Health's growth.

Tria Health's COO: Tracey Hopper
Tracey Hopper

Tracey has over 25 years of experience in developing and implementing innovative strategies to improve the member experience, increase revenue, and reduce costs. Having held leadership positions at MedTrakRx and EnvisionRxOptions, Tracey leverages her pharmacy management and operation improvement background to improve Tria's solutions.

Tria Health's Clinical Director: Jason Grace, Pharm.D.
Jason Grace, Pharm.D.
Clinical Director

Jason is responsible for Tria Health's clinical team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Jason utilizes his education and experience to lead his team in providing telephonic one-on-one consultations with high-risk patients to optimize medication use. Jason is responsible for ensuring quality care and health outcomes measurement to show health care and financial improvement over time.

Tria Health's Director of IT: Bruce Andonian
Bruce Andonian
Director of IT

Bruce is an experienced IT professional, specializing in data solutions, software development, IT infrastructure and processes. His varied industry and leadership experiences help propel his team to deliver advanced solutions in a fast-paced growth environment. Bruce leads his team in utilizing health care data from a variety of sources and transforming that data into actionable insights.

Tria Health's Member Advocate Supervisor: Omar Ramirez
Omar Ramirez
Member Advocate Supervisor

Tria Health's member advocates are the first point of contact with Tria Health to enroll in the program, schedule appointments and much more. Exceptional customer service is a reason why members continue to engage with Tria Health. Omar's experience in customer service and leadership helps his team to exceed client and member expectations.