Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Tria Health provide?

Tria Health offers chronic condition management services to improve health and reduce costs for employers and their members.

Tria Health provides these services with three main programs:

The Pharmacy Advocate Program is designed specifically for individuals who have chronic conditions and are taking multiple medications. Tria Health offers members the opportunity to talk one-on-one with a clinical pharmacist to review their current medications. During this telehealth session, the pharmacist will answer any questions or concerns the member may have regarding their all of their medications (prescription, over the counter, and vitamins/supplements). In addition, Tria Health’s pharmacists advocate for members by ensuring their medications are safe, effective and affordable.

The Rx Plan Protection Suite is for everyone on the health program, not just those with chronic conditions. Tria Health conducts a series of claims analyses to identify and target members who have opportunities for lower costing, but equally effective medications. Or members with clinical gaps in care or compliance issues to provide education to reduce costs and improve health of members.

The Tria Health Help Desk — 888.799.8742 provides members access to a clinical pharmacist for any quick medication questions (i.e. will this allergy medication interact with my prescription, can I store this medicine in the fridge, etc.).

What is Chronic Condition Management?

One-on-one telehealth consultations with a pharmacist available to patients with one or more chronic condition or those taking a high-cost specialty medication to ensure medications are safe, affordable and effective. Since chronic conditions are managed with medications and 50% of people don’t take medications as prescribed, having a consultation with a pharmacist, a medication expert, can significantly improve patient health and lower total health care costs. This confidential consultation takes place over the phone at a time that is convenient for the patient. If changes are recommended, Tria Health’s pharmacists will coordinate care between the pharmacy, patient and physician. Tria Health delivers patient centered care versus taking a disease specific approach with a focus on delivering and reporting health outcomes to ensure patients and employers obtain a return on their benefit investment.

Will Tria Health keep my information private?

Tria Health is HIPAA compliant, and your information is not shared with anyone besides your doctor.

How do I get started with Tria Health?

Members can complete the online enrollment form at any time here or call Tria Health at 1.888.799.8742 for assistance in completing your enrollment form.

How long does the consultation with the pharmacist take?

The initial consultation is usually the longest and can take from 20-50 minutes depending on the complexity of your condition(s). These appointments take place over the phone and are set at a time that is convenient for you. A personalized care plan is developed as part of the initial consultation which will include a mutually agreed upon follow up schedule. The follow up consultations are usually shorter. If patients have questions prior to their follow up consultation, they are encouraged to contact Tria Health.

How often do I speak with my Tria Health pharmacist?

Pharmacists will keep in touch 2-3 times per year depending on each member’s personal care plan that is discussed during the initial encounter. However, members have unlimited access to the Help Desk where they can speak with a pharmacist if any medication issues arise.

By participating in Tria Health, am I required to change my medications or pharmacy?

You are not required to change your doctor or your pharmacy. After speaking with your pharmacist, Tria Health may provide recommendations to you AND your doctor(s) to adjust your medication regimen that will save you money or improve your health. Your doctor will have final approval. It is important to note that in most cases, physicians agree and appreciate the recommendations from Tria Health.

Does my physician know about Tria Health?

Tria Health’s pharmacist will inform the member’s physician about Tria Health and our services. All necessary information and recommendations are provided to the members’ physician as part of our coordination of care.

Is this covered by insurance?

Tria Health is a benefit offered by your employer or health plan at no additional cost to you. It is designed to reduce your overall medical costs and keep you healthy and active.

This benefit covers all services offered by Tria Health including consultations with a Tria Health pharmacist; the care plan they design for you; and any care coordination with your doctor and pharmacy. Additionally, Tria Health provides personalized medication lists for members to carry with them with access to the Tria Health Help Desk for unparalleled access to pharmacy care.

How do I check eligibility for myself and my dependents?

Any plan member can check eligibility for themselves and/or dependents by calling 888.799.8742.