Our Healthy & Happy Patients

"This was my first encounter with a Tria Health Pharmacist. She was able to recommend medications that reduced a side effect of blurry vision and at a reduced cost so double bonus for me. Thank you!"

- Cindy

"I found this service very helpful. It cleared some nagging questions for me in regard to medications and how they might interact."

- John

"I was skeptical. I didn't really see the need because I have always kept up with my medicines. However, having another set of professional eyes on my healthcare actually did benefit me. The call was very well worth my time. And my Tria Health pharmacist was phenomenal."

- Patrick

"Tria Health was a hidden asset of my workplace. I was thrilled to receive a new blood glucose monitor and strips. Truthfully, I am barely above poverty level earning as a county employee. Tria Health has given me a way to manage my health without financial worry. It is very appreciated."

- Kati

*Stock photos. Posed by Models