Add-On Programs

Modification to live a healthier life

Choose to Lose - Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a sensitive issue, but it’s important to address the growing trend of obesity, the leading cause of preventable death. Currently, over 39.8% of American adults are obese. According to the CDC, not only is obesity a chronic condition, but it puts people at risk for over 30 other chronic conditions.

Tria Health’s Choose to Lose program is a comprehensive weight loss solution that provides participants with a designated health coach and access to the industry-leading health and fitness app, Lose It!. Members will also be given the option to discuss the opportunity to take weight loss medication to help kick-start their weight loss journey with a Tria Health pharmacist. This is not a requirement but can be beneficial for those who have struggled to lose weight in the past.

S.T.O.P. - Tobacco Cessation

Stop Tobacco by Optimizing Pharmacists

Getting members to quit tobacco will have a positive impact on overall health care costs, however, quitting is a challenge for most people. Tria Health offers a tobacco cessation program called S.T.O.P. This program provides two ‘tracks’ for members. Track 1 is a comprehensive solution that provides members with a desire to quit, the professional support they need to make it happen. Track 2 offers an on-line educational option to encourage members that don't have a desire to quit, more information on the risk factors associated with tobacco in an effort to encourage them to change their mind. All members conduct an initial assessment with a pharmacist who will determine which track is appropriate for the member while providing education and encouragement on benefits of quitting.