Diabetes Management

Tria Health's approach to a widely prevalent condition

Diabetes is a high-cost chronic condition that also has a high prevalence among US adults, making it a double threat to employers trying to offer health insurance to employees and their dependents. There are many solutions in the market to treat diabetes, but taking a disease specific approach is not the best approach for a patient with diabetes. According to Tria Health’s book of business, 92% of patients with diabetes have at least one other condition and 73% have three or more. With each additional condition, healthcare costs rise exponentially and the patient’s quality of life suffers.

Due to the unique needs of every patient, a personal consultative approach, supported by data and technology, is a proven method that works. Tria Health has been able to reduce A1C levels for members of self insured employers by 1.3% points. In addition, through an analysis of medical and pharmacy claims, Tria Health found that patients with diabetes who engaged with a Tria Health pharmacist for one-on-one coaching, had fewer poor health outcomes relating to the mismanagement of diabetes. When measuring poor health outcomes related specifically to the mismanagement of diabetes, members engaged with Tria Health were $2,328 less expensive than those who did not engage with Tria Health.

Tria Health’s Pharmacy Advocate Program implements a high-tech and high-touch intervention,
providing patients with diabetes the support they need to improve their health and save money.