Pharmacy Advocate Program

Pharmacist-led patient-centered care for over a decade

Tria Health was founded on the belief that pharmacists play a vital role in the care management of high-risk patients that drive the majority of healthcare spend. Medications treat chronic conditions, but research shows that 50% of patients do not take their medication as prescribed and 16% of US health care spend is related to non-optimized medication use. Tria Health’s Chronic Condition Management (CCM) services are an effective and proven solution to uncover the “why” behind non-optimized drug use and to prevent unnecessary healthcare claims from occurring in the future.

Targeted to highly complex, high-risk and high-cost plan members, Tria Health’s Pharmacists work as personal medication experts to ensure patients’ medications are safe, effective and affordable, and the member is meeting the standards of care for their disease states. Tria Health offers a telephonic, patient-centric approach to ensure all conditions are controlled properly rather than using a disease-specific or episodic approach. This is especially important because 60% of the population has one or more chronic conditions and health care costs increase exponentially with each condition.

Tria Health is the only chronic condition management company that is patient-centered, pharmacist-led and guarantees measurable outcomes.