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Why You Should Choose TRIA HEALTH?

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Our Core Solutions

Smarter. Medication. Management.

Health Care Costs will Continue to Rise, Are You Doing Enough To Control Yours?

Healthier Members. Lower Costs.

Smarter. Medication. Management.


Tria Health improves your health care bottom line & improves the health of your employees

Rising health care costs continue to be a challenge for employers. Chronic conditions represent 86% of total health care costs and are effectively managed with medication. However, 50% of Americans don’t take their medications as prescribed. And, 50% of Americans have at least one chronic condition and 25% have two or more. Controlling costs associated with chronic conditions is critically important. Tria Health offers Chronic Condition Management (CCM) which is a proven solution to reduce costs and improve the health of your members.

More comprehensive than traditional Medication Therapy Management or Disease Management solutions, Tria Health provides one-on-one counseling with specially trained pharmacists to provide patient-centered care, not just a specific disease. Our experience and flexibility offers the opportunity to recommend and implement customized solutions that drives member engagement and delivers the results you need. On average Tria Health delivers a 3.5:1 ROI for self-insured employers.

Healthy employees cost less and are more productive. Contact us today to find out the ROI Tria Health can deliver for your company.

Health Plans

Chronic Condition Management reduces overall health plan costs

Tria Health fulfills an important element to the overall health care equation. Tria Health focuses on the 20% of the member base that represent 80% of the total health care cost. Medications - prescription and over-the-counter - improve health. However, when medications are inappropriate or misused, the costs to your health plan can be astronomical. You spend a lot of money offering a health care solution, Tria Health offers smarter medication management to ensure those dollars are not wasted.

Our Tria Health Clinical Pharmacists confidentially consult one-on-one with patients to understand their medications and develop a Tria Health Patient Care Plan to share with the patient and their physician. This coordination of care ensures the patient has a medication expert working with other health care providers to deliver the best possible health outcomes at the lowest possible cost. Learn how you can save now with Tria Health, contact us today.

Consultants & Brokers

Tria Health is a differentiator that delivers results….guaranteed!

Tria Health works with a variety of consultants, brokers, TPAs and carriers to provide comprehensive Chronic Condition Management (CCM). Our proven solution reduces overall health care costs for self-insured employers without creating employee disruption and defection caused by reducing benefits, changing providers or increasing employee cost share.

Tria Health’s CCM is more comprehensive than traditional Medication Therapy Management or Disease Management solutions. We focus on maximizing member involvement with creative engagement strategies and delivering improved health outcomes which we prove with outcomes based reporting.

We know that medication is key to managing chronic and specialty conditions. But, we also know that 50% of people don’t take their medication as prescribed for very personalized reasons. Our pharmacists conduct one-on-one consultations to create personalized care plans that increase adherence and identify and resolve drug therapy problems that create additional health care costs.

Tria Health is a differentiator in the market that delivers guaranteed results. Contact us today to find out the ROI we can deliver for your clients.